Aaron Rodgers: Top 5 Career Accomplishments

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1. Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP

When it comes down to it, every great player wants a Super Bowl on his list of career accomplishments. Rodgers was able to check that off with a victory in February, 2011. Completing 24 of his 39 pass attempts for 303 yards and three touchdowns, Rodgers also earned the accolade of Super Bowl MVP in the route of becoming a Super Bowl Champion as well. Rodgers obtaining a Vince Lombardi trophy has to be his biggest career accomplishment, as it is the ultimate trophy to win in the entire sport of football.

Being the competitor that he is, Rodgers’ goal is likely to win the Super Bowl every single season. He has not made it back to the big game ever since his first appearance, and although one Super Bowl is great, being in the prime of his career his ultimate goal is to win another one. His tremendous ability helps put the Green Bay Packers in contention every single season, which you have to admire and respect from a spectators standpoint.

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