Green Bay Packers: News, notes and nuggets for a Mile High slugfest

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Wide receiver talent abounds

Denver still has a couple of really good wide receivers in Damaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Thomas leads Denver with 48 receptions for 527 yards and 1 TD.

Sanders also has 527 yards and 3 TDs. After that receptions drop-off significantly to TE Owens Daniels (14) and C.J. Anderson (13).

Wonder who the Packers will double team?

Aaron Rodgers mixes things up a little more with Randall Cobb (30) being his favorite receiver. James Jones (21) and Richard Rodgers (21) have both been valuable contributors, especially Jones who has 6 TD receptions.

Davante Adams returns and will give the Packers offense a much needed lift. After Randall Cobb injured his shoulder, Adams became Aaron’s go to receiver, catching 9 balls in the first two games. But Adams was injured. Now Cobb, Jones and Adams are all near or at 100 percent physically.

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