Green Bay Packers: Epic comeback falls short

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Packers have a lot of work to do.

The Packers are out of sync on offense. The running game is being shutdown. 3rd and long is a recipe for disaster. Three and outs lead to the defense being on the field way too long. The offensive line is allowing way too much pressure and not opening holes for Starks and Lacy.

The screen pass seemed to work. Davante Adams seems to be back and has started to make plays. Randall Cobb is starting to stretch the field and what can you say about James Jones’ amazing 4th + 14 catch. The offense will be OK.

On defense, Sam Shields needs to get healthy. Sam has the ability to make up for mistakes by being able to track down receivers with his blazing speed. Inexperience at CB has been glaring over the past three weeks. The good news is that our young CBs are growing up before our eyes.

My biggest concern is that despite several blitzes, the pass rush isn’t getting home. Zero sacks two weeks in a row. When the Packers did apply pressure, Cam Newton seemed to be able to step up into the pocket and run for a first down.

The good news is that the hapless 1-7 Detroit Lions are coming to Green Bay. The Lions can’t seem to get untracked this season and have already fired their offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi and two offensive line coaches. The Lions have not beaten the Packers in Wisconsin since December 15, 1991, a streak that has reached 24 games.

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