Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions: Lombardiave predictions

Dec 28, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field. Green Bay won 30-20. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 28, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field. Green Bay won 30-20. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

The Green Bay Packers play their second straight NFC North Division game when they will host the Detroit Lions in the Packers’ home opener at Lambeau Field.

Coming into this game a bit banged up and coming off a loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers need to find a way to snap out of an offensive malaise, while continuing to shine on the defensive side of the ball.

Everyone is expecting that an angry Aaron Rodgers is not a good thing for the Detroit Lions, but we’ve heard that before. Over the past season of games, Aaron Rodgers has been nothing short of normal. His Superman cape is gone and he must once again prove himself the best in the league.

Could that come against a banged up Detroit defense? Packers fans hope that to be the case.

And what about this defense that has limited Jacksonville and Minnesota to fewer than 40 yards rushing per game. That statistic alone is somewhat shocking.

But with Morgan Burnett, Clay Matthews and Sam Shields all gone from today’s lineup, the Packers defensive depth will be tested today.

Will all these factors come into play when the Packers host the Lions today?


But what does it mean for the bottom line?

That’s what we here at Lombardiave will consider when we consider our weekly game predictions.

So, without further ado, we move on with our personal predictions … we would love to hear yours … leave a comment with your prediction and finals score in the comments section below.

In the meantime, here are our predictions:

Josh McPeak:

How many times must one hear the R-E-L-A-X relax sound bite in one week? Turn on any sports news and you will hear the overused term of “expert” give their opinion on why the Packers should panic. You could obviously see that Aaron Rodgers is growing tired of answering the same questions regarding the decline of the offense over the last two seasons.

Personally, I think the best Aaron Rodgers is a motivated Rodgers. It’s time for the Packers to go out on their home field and make a statement. A win is simply not enough Sunday against the Lions. Look for Rodgers to have a huge game and connect with at least seven different targets. Packers win and win big.

Packers 35 Lions 14

Kenn Korb
Kenn Korb /

Kenn Korb: If the Packers can’t do something more on offense this week, then Green Bay REALLY has some problems. It is one thing to not produce against an elite-level Vikings defense, but not performing against a weakened defensive unit in Detroit would be an all-new level of trouble — the kind that usually threatens jobs.

Though Green Bay has struggled in recent years against these guys, with Detroit missing multiple key contributors and the Packers in dire need of a productive offensive day, I have to believe the they will find a way to build some kind of rhythm and give us some positive signs going into the bye week.

On the defensive side, Green Bay’s front seven should continue playing well up, and though the Packers’ young corners have struggled so far this season I think as long as they tackle well they can do a relatively decent job against the diverse receivers the Lions can throw at them.

Green Bay 30, Detroit 17

Joe D’Aloisio: Similarly to last season, the Packers offense is still out of sync. The difference is they will not get swept at home against their divisional opponents and that starts with a victory against the Detroit Lions.The Green Bay Packers finally head home to Lambeau Field for the first time this season after playing their first two games on the road.

Yes, the Packers haven’t beat the Lions at Lambeau since December 28th, 2014, but that streak will come to an end on Sunday

The Packers match-up very well against the Lions’ secondary and should be able to attack them over the top. More importantly, they should look to hand the ball to Eddie Lacy as much as possible. Lacy has rushed for 199 yards in two games against the Lions at Lambeau
With that being said, the offense wakes up right before the early bye week and defeat the Lions.

Packers 28 Lions 14

Deanna Chapman: Part of me feels like this might be way off, but I don’t see how the Packers can lose their home opener to a Lions team that is suffering from injuries.

Yes, the Packers have their fair share of injuries, too, but the Packers offense knows they need to have a good game this week. With the Lions depleted defense, the Packers should have an easier time doing so. Plus, the Packers have the best run defense right now, so they don’t need to worry much on that end.

The Lions do have some wide receivers the Packers will need to pay attention to. Let’s hope they play a much better pass defense than they did last week. If they do I think they’ll come out on top for this one.

Packers 27, Lions 20

Brad Miller: Well, there if this year is anything like last years’ match ups between the Packers and the Lions then I will be planted in front of the TV until the game is completely over. You remember last year’s games, right?!?

The Lions waltzed into Green Bay and did something they haven’t done since 1991. They pulled out a dramatic win 18-16.

A month later, the Packers got their revenge but winning the game with no time on the clock on a 61 yard Hail Mary play from Rodgers to Rodgers. The Packers prevailed 27-23.

I expect more of the same from this game. It should be a close game.

Both teams have had their ups and downs already this year. Who will get things on track?

I look for Green Bay to exploit the Lions DBs all day. I think the Packers will find their running game also.

Eddie Lacy will get his first 100 yard game of the year.

This year the Packers will win their home game this year.

Packers 31, Lions 21

Thomas Friesen: The Packers finally get their home opener, and we finally see the Aaron Rodgers we have come to expect, and love to watch.

Without Calvin Johnson in the Lions’ passing attack, the secondary should have a much easier time handling the receivers than they have in past games against Stafford’s crew. We know what the run defence can do after last week in Minnesota.

I’m going to say eight Packers catch passes, three of them score. Add a major from the ground game, and the Packers win easily.

Packers 34, Lions 13

Ralph Mancini: Both defenses will be significantly shorthanded in this divisional grudge match, which means that both Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford will be in position to air it out in a game that could see the Packers and Lions surpass 30-point totals.

The difference in this week’s contest will come down to which team will do a superior job of protecting the quarterback. While both sides have edge rushers that can penetrate the pocket, Green Bay’s offensive line is better equipped to consistently allow their signal caller enough time to survey the field for open receivers.

Look for the Packers to win this one in the fourth quarter by forcing a key turnover late and running out the clock.

Packers 34 Lions 28

Freddie Boston
Freddie Boston /

Freddie Boston: The Packers’ offense has serious question marks once again, in need of a bounce-back performance against Detroit.

Ezekiel Ansah’s absence is good news for Green Bay, though the Lions’ offense will look to exploit a decimated Packers secondary, and a pass rush sans Clay Matthews.

The Packers improve from last week, but only just squeeze by.

Packers 21, Lions 20

Ray Rivard
Ray Rivard /

Ray Rivard: On paper, this NFC North Division matchup should be all Packers, but we know that sometimes that doesn’t translate to the field.

This time it will.

Despite the fact that the Packers are depleted on the defensive side of the ball, it won’t have a significant effect on the final score.

The Packers’ depth on the defensive side of the ball will shine today, keeping the Lions at bay.

And with an angry Aaron Rodgers who is destined to climb out of the funk he’s been experiencing – today is the day. He will finally sync up with Jordy Nelson and that fact alone will allow other offensive stars to shine today.

Look for a breakout performance from Jared Cook. Look for Eddie Lacy to eclipse 100 yards and look for Randall Cobb to be his regular consistent self.

Next: Packers fans: Remember last year?

In the end, this will be a springboard for the rest of the 2016 season as the Packers finally find their mojo.

Packers 38 Lions 12