Green Bay Packers: Lombardiave’s photographs of the year

Raymond T. Rivard photograph
Raymond T. Rivard photograph /
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Green Bay Packers fans have been through one of the most gratifying, satisfying and disappointing seasons – all wrapped into one.

A roller coaster is one way to describe the ups and downs  we all experienced this season – a heart-pounding win Week 1 at Jacksonville, a loss to the Vikings in Week 2 and then the slow steady decline to a 4-6 record in mid-November – with the team losing four straight to Atlanta, Indianapolis, Tennessee and Washington during a stretch that Packers fans won’t soon forget.

Then came Aaron Rodgers‘ “run the table” comment that was to turn into a rallying cry for the team and its fans.

Win after win came.

Starting in Philadelphia on Nov. 28, the Packers did indeed run the table with wins over Philly, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit, the Packers not only ran the table during the regular season but won two straight playoff games against the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys before finally meeting the end in the NFC Championship Game at Atlanta.

Yes, it was one heck of a ride … one that was at least partially witnessed by Lombardiave photographers Louis H. Rivard, Michael Longaecker and this author.

With field photo credentials granted by the Packers, we were able to capture moments from the Seattle, Houston, Minnesota and New York Giants.

Through our viewfinders, we brought the Packers up close and personal.

The following pages bring you some of our most memorable images from the 2016 season.

From the snow globe game against Houston at Lambeau, to the Packers’ dominant showing against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, to the Christmas Eve demolishing of the Minnesota Vikings to the Wild Card Playoff win against the Giants – and the final game at Lambeau this past season – we helped capture the moments.

We saw Aaron Rodgers juke Xavier Rhodes, run for a touchdown and then jump into the stands on Christmas Eve. We saw the Packers take care of Brock Osweiller in the snow. We saw Russell Wilson get intercepted five times and we saw Aaron Rodgers heave another Hail Mary touchdown against the Giants in the January cold at Lambeau Field.

As we prepare to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots in the final professional football game of this year, we take a peek back at some of the images we enjoyed capturing this past year.

Looking forward to the Free Agency and NFL Draft in the coming months is exciting, but we thought taking a step back to the 2016 season could be just as much fun.

Turn the pages for images that were produced at Lambeau Field.

Enjoy …