Green Bay Packers: 12 players that need to go this offseason

LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews
LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews /
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LANDOVER, MD – JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews
LANDOVER, MD – JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews /

Twelve players the Green Bay Packers should move on from this offseason.

A trip to the dentist, a colonoscopy or having your scheduled flight delayed by six hours are all far more pleasurable than having to watch the Packers trudge their way through games lately with a ultra-conservative pop-gun attack and a far-from-impenetrable defense softer than a neglected banana that has since changed colors.

Yes, it’s been that torturous to witness a decimated group get thoroughly owned and abused in two consecutive weeks by division foes that no longer respect a Green Bay team that in many ways has been exposed since Aaron Rodgers demoralizing injury in Week 6.

The Lions, in fact, went one step further this week and rubbed sand in the face of their opponent by opting to go for a two-point conversion up 33-11 with about seven minutes left in the ball game.

In other times, die-hard Packer backers would have whipped out the pitchforks and declared bloody murder at that type of indignant gesture. But that old esprit de corps has given way to a general sense of resignation that can humble even the most ardent team supporter.

The end of the regular season marks the start of a long winter where most of us will feel out of place with our beloved Packers excluded from this year’s group of 12 competing for the honor of bringing home the NFL’s holy grail better known as the Lombardi Trophy.

Green Bay’s anti-climactic loss was nevertheless another opportunity to evaluate our boys in the effort of sorting out the players to build around from those that need to be replaced as management attempts to reboot and revitalize a former perennial contender.

With the 2017 season in the rear-view mirror, there’s no time to lament the misfortunes of the past few months, but rather it’s time to take action by trimming the roster. Much like pruning an old tree, the front office must make some hard decisions in the interest of keeping up with the Joneses and adding a fifth Super Bowl title to the team’s trophy case at 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

Here are the team’s dirty dozen that should be cut loose.