Packers: Top 5 priorities for general manager Brian Gutekunst this offseason

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Jordy Nelson
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Jordy Nelson /
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1. Be more aggressive in free agency

With Gutekunst taking over, Packers fans actually have a reason to watch Day 1 of free agency.

The team’s new general manager made that clear in his opening press conference earlier this week.

“I think I will lead in my own personality,” Gutekunst said. “Probably a little bit more aggressive in certain areas. We’re not going to leave any stone unturned in every avenue of player acquisition.”

His words were like music to the ears of thousands of loyal Packers fans.

While he plans to primarily stick to the team’s draft-and-develop mantra, don’t expect Gutekunst to take on Thompson’s conservative approach in free agency. And that’s a good thing.

Thompson always protected the future by ensuring the salary cap never got out of hand. But how often did his long-term thinking affect the present?

Aaron Rodgers is 34-years-old. His championship window isn’t nearing an end, but it also won’t be here forever. The Packers have an excellent opportunity to cash in on another title with one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

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As long as Rodgers is healthy, the Packers are Super Bowl contenders. But land a couple of difference makers in free agency, and the team will be positioned to snap its seven-year championship drought.