Super Bowl predictions: Lombardi Ave staff make their picks


The Lombardi Ave staff have made their Super Bowl picks.

While we’d all much prefer to be covering a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl appearance, it’s still set to be a fun game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Besides, if the Packers were in the Super Bowl, we wouldn’t have Joe Philbin back. Now you tell me what’s better, a Lombardi Trophy or Joe Philbin? Yeah, just as I thought.

I’ll stop now. Let’s get started.

Kevin Culligan: The Eagles’ defense, specifically their ferocious pass rush, will be the difference in this one. Nick Foles, meanwhile, will remain efficient and make just enough big plays against the Patriots’ vulnerable defense.

The Pats will never be out of this game, especially with Brady and Gronk leading the offense, but this Philadelphia defense is far better than the Atlanta unit they faced last year. Smart end-of-game decision-making from Doug Pederson should be enough to let the Eagles fly away with their first Super Bowl championship. Eagles 27, Patriots 21

Kyle Hoffenbecker: Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the story that surrounds the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Losing your quarterback who is having the best season of his career and still make it to the Super Bowl with your backup is definitely a Cinderella tale, and everyone loves those stories.

However, I think the greatness of Tom Brady will be too much. The Eagles are arguably the best defense the Patriots have faced all season, but it’s really hard to bet against Tom Brady. It will be low-scoring because of the two great defenses, but it will come down to which offense will make the most plays, and I think the Patriots will have more of those game-changing plays. Patriots 23, Eagles 16

Keegan Jackish: The quarterback matchup makes this look like a blowout on paper but I think Jim Schwartz’s defense is good enough to keep Philly in this game for a while.

I expect Philly to get off to a solid start in the first half but fall of the rails later in the game (similar to what happened to Tennessee and Jacksonville).

Brady has a better arsenal on offense this year than last year’s Super Bowl team thanks to the offseason acquisitions of Brandin Cooks and Rex Burkhead and a (hopefully) healthy Gronk playing in the big game this year.

Belichick/Patricia have had plenty of time to prep for Nick Foles and I think their secondary will be able to shut down the Eagles receiving corps. If Carson Wentz and Jason Peters were playing this game would be a whole different story. Patriots 24, Eagles 13

Brad Miller: This year’s Super Bowl is being toted “Destiny vs. Dynasty”. I am not convinced the Eagles have had a “destiny” season but there is no arguing the Patriots on their half of the statement.

With Belichick and Brady in the driver’s seat the Pats have been in three of the last four Super Bowls. In this day and age of free agency in the NFL this may be the closest thing to a dynasty we will ever see.

I am expecting a close game going into the fourth quarter. The Eagles will prove how they got there isn’t a fluke, and the Patriots will prove why you can never underestimate them. Brady will be Brady. Gronk will play and the Patriots will be what they have been all season… efficient.

I don’t think Carson Wentz would make that much of a difference in this game if he was healthy. Nick Foles is adequate for the offense Doug Peterson runs anyway.

In the end the Patriots will stand victorious, again much to the chagrin of most people outside of Boston. Patriots 28, Eagles 17

Michael Seney: I think the Eagles will start strong and get a 14-0 lead early but the Patriots will crawl right back into the fight. The Patriots will tie it up at 14-14 before halftime and the Eagles will be looking not to make the same mistake the Falcons made.

The Eagles will score three with a field goal and so will the Patriots. It’s a defensive battle until the fourth quarter when the Eagles find themselves in the end zone scoring the game winning TD, and then holding off the Patriots in Giants 2007 style. Eagles 24, Patriots 17

Freddie Boston: Think I’m going to bet against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? Nope.

The Seahawks should have beaten them on the goal line, but didn’t. The Falcons should have won with a 28-3 lead, but didn’t. Two weeks ago the Jaguars had the Patriots beat, but lost. Brady leads the Pats to victory and his sixth Lombardi. #analysis Patriots 28, Eagles 20

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What’s your prediction for Sunday’s game?