Packers: 5 things Green Bay can’t do this offseason

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Brett Hundley
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Brett Hundley /
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GREEN BAY, WI – AUGUST 29: Jordy Nelson
GREEN BAY, WI – AUGUST 29: Jordy Nelson /

1. Can’t go into 2018 with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb at full price

This doesn’t mean one of them needs to be cut or traded.

I actually like both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and think they can both help this team win at a high level next year. Even though both can still contribute, and their money doesn’t necessarily restrict the Packers from signing other free agents this spring, this is something that simply needs to get done. Keep both receivers, but figure something out with at least one of their contracts.

While other teams are facing similar issues with expensive, aging stars, the Packers are truly in a unique spot. Sayre Bedinger from Predominantly Orange made the case for keeping Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders in Denver, but the Broncos aren’t in a spot to compete for a Super Bowl with their current roster. Saving the money and cutting loose two 30-year old wide receivers may not be a bad idea.

The Packers have two receivers who can still contribute, like Thomas and Sanders can, but have the Super Bowl aspirations. Of course, as Bedinger points out, the Broncos may simply be a quarterback away from a similar situation. If they sign Kirk Cousins it could be worth keeping Thomas and Sanders the same way it’s worth it to keep Nelson and Cobb in Green Bay.

It’s anybody’s guess as to where Nelson and Cobb really are in regards to wanting to restructure deals. We have to assume that both of them want to keep playing with Aaron Rodgers. The Packers aren’t in a spot where they will have to force one out over the other so that shouldn’t happen.

This isn’t something that has to be done, but Brian Gutekunst may as well practice this now. When it happens again down the road and action is required he’ll know just what to do. Just figure it out, Gutey.