Packers: 5 things Green Bay can’t do this offseason

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Brett Hundley
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 31: Quarterback Brett Hundley /
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5. Can’t whiff in free agency

This one probably goes without saying. If Gutekunst managed not to sign anybody of note he would be sending an awful message to the fans. Fans spirit would crumble, concerns of an agitated Aaron Rodgers would arise yet again and frankly, the Packers would probably not be as good as they’re expected to be in 2018.

The Packers don’t need to make splash signings like Sammy Watkins or Malcolm Butler, but they can’t be missing on guys that lack impact like Ahmad Brooks and Davon House. Those guys aren’t meant to be game-changers, but their presence was nonexistent. House had one interception and Brooks tallied 1.5 sacks. That’s not going to cut it, especially for a weak pass defense like the one in Green Bay.

Gutekunst has one of the best jobs in the NFL and the hard part of the job was done for him. A Hall-of-Fame quarterback was handed to him. The even harder part comes when Gutekunst is tasked with surrounding that great talent with more talent so he can win again before Father Time takes over.

Rodgers is still in his prime even though age 30 has come and gone. The time to win is now, and there’s no time to develop, rebuild or waste away. Gutekunst needs to be extremely selective with his free agent signings. They just might be more important than his draft choices. Packers fans aren’t used to that being the case. There’s a huge difference between big money and smart money. It’s up to Gutekunst to figure out that difference and deliver a championship.

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There’s not much Gutekunst could do to disappoint in free agency. The only certain way to disappoint is to not do anything.