Green Bay Packers: Mike Pettine’s project to rebuild defense

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 28: Head coach Mike Pettine of the Cleveland Browns takes the field before the start of their game against the Baltimore Ravens at M
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 28: Head coach Mike Pettine of the Cleveland Browns takes the field before the start of their game against the Baltimore Ravens at M /

Trying to understand the Green Bay Packers’ offseason agenda by tracking their free agency movements is like trying to consult a magic eight-ball in your daily affairs.

Sometimes it makes sense but at the end of the day you’re not gonna be in a good place.

We got what we wanted and old Ted Thompson is gone. Now we see a new, much more proactive GM in Brian Gutekunst.

While he has made decisions I disagree with (releasing Jordy Nelson over Randall Cobb, although I get the age argument) he is working off a blueprint.

Hitting the reset button

Moving on from the very talented Damarious Randall was a tone setting locker-room decision. It’s the kind addition by subtraction move Coach Lombardi could get behind. DeShone Kizer is a nice consolation prize.

He has talent and bad habits but the kid is young. The front office was just as pleased with the part of the trade that allowed them to move up to the first pick in the fourth and fifth rounds in the draft.

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Letting Morgan Burnett walk was a decision to turn the positon over to Josh Jones. Otherwise you make Burnett an offer, even low-ball and he probably sticks around. Jones is a younger, faster, stronger and cheaper option. And so a changing of the guards occurred. Reset.

Conspiracy theory

The Kyle Fuller move, I really believe, was just an attempt to force Chicago’s hand, and Fuller banked an extra $4 million per year because of it. With the $14 million they “offered” Fuller, the Packers could have gotten a Malcolm Butler or any other free agent CB not named Trumaine Johnson.

Another sign that the Packers are making decisions, not drifting along.

Pettine’s Project

So with Josh Jones at safety and Kevin King at corner, the secondary is essentially a clean slate for Mike Pettine to mold (bring back Ladarius Gunter!).

The younger players (much like young children) are much more adaptable in a shift to a new system. They have much less to unlearn. A new defensive coordinator brings a new identity. It sounds egotistical but it is just a reflection of what has worked for them in the past.

The additions of Muhammad Wilkerson and Tramon Williams further support the notion that Pettine is bringing in veterans familiar with his system to help bring along the youngsters.

Gutekunst’s first draft is a month away. The one that will always be looked upon and compared to his predecessor Ted Thompson’s.

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And all Packer Nation watches. Looking at the moves made I’ve got to believe the secondary is indeed in rebuild mode, but I also feel it is only fair to reserve judgment until I see the finished product on the field. But if you look there does seem to be a plan in place. There will be growing pains, but a better defense will eventually be the result.