2018 NFL mock draft: Packers address defense in first round

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31. . QB. UCLA. Josh Rosen. 2. player

Obviously, no team strives to have the #2 overall pick in the draft, because that means they failed miserably as a team in the prior season, but having this pick couldn’t have come at a better time for the Giants. They have their longtime, Super Bowl-winning, franchise QB on his last leg and need to focus on their future at the position.

I believe Rosen is the most NFL-ready QB out of the bunch and could greatly benefit from learning behind Eli Manning for a year. Hopefully, for Rosen’s sake, they fix up that offensive line by the time he takes over at QB.

Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield. 3. player. 30. . QB

The Jets traded up with the Colts to get their QB of the future, I don’t believe there is any doubt about it. They also must be very confident that their QB will be there at pick #3, I highly doubt they would trade up and give away so many other valuable picks to just get one of the top quarterbacks in this class.

My mock draft 1.0 had the Jets taking Baker Mayfield at pick #6, and I’m not so sure their pick changes at #3. I believe Mayfield is the player they are targeting. I don’t believe Josh Allen is worth a pick this high, he is wildly inaccurate and struggled big time against higher tier college talent. Mayfield, on the other hand, is an extremely accurate passer with some very good footwork.

The Jets know there is a very good chance that Darnold and Rosen could be gone by pick #3, and like I said above, I believe they have a specific target in mind that they traded up for, and figure will be available with the third overall pick.