NFL Draft: Which wide receivers could the Packers draft?

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Anthony Miller, Memphis

Miller’s competitiveness is not comparable to the other wide receivers in this draft class. Despite being one of the most talented athletes out of high school, Miller was a walk-on to the University of Memphis.

He had to prove himself even though he knew what he was capable of. His work ethic is coveted by many teams, hopefully, the Packers have taken notice.

As far as his play on the field… well it’s just as amazing to watch him out there too.

Miller posted back-to-back 1,400-yard seasons at Memphis. He was a 2017 Consensus All-American. In 2017, he led the American Athletic Conference in receiving yards and the NCAA in receiving touchdowns. For his career, he is the all-time leader for receiving touchdowns in the AAC, number two in receiving yards and receptions, and third in touchdowns from scrimmage.

Clearly, he has the stats to back up his game. However, one problem he will face is the fact that he played in a “weak” conference. The AAC is considered a “mid-major” conference and NFL scouts grade talent that way too.

Over the years the Packers have selected quite a few wide receivers from these “mid-major” schools. For example, Davante Adams went to Fresno State, Greg Jennings attended Western Michigan, and Donald Driver was drafted out of Alcorn State.

So the Packers have shown they will go to these “mid-majors” and find some great wide receivers. Miller could (and should) be the next in line.

Similar to Moore, it’s likely that Miller goes on day two. If he drops to round three, the Packers should pull the trigger on Miller. However, taking him in round two wouldn’t be a bad idea even though defense is the priority.

You can’t pass on talent like Miller. He will be overlooked. Hopefully, it’s the Packers who decide to pull the trigger on him. But whoever does take him will have one of the hardest working kids in this year’s draft class.