Packers 2018 Draft: Top 10 overrated prospects in this year’s class

BOISE, ID - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Michael Gallup
BOISE, ID - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Michael Gallup /
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Ranking the top-10 most overrated prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft.

In the nearly four months between the College Football National Championship game and the draft, hundreds of pro prospects are figuratively put through the meat grinder in terms of how closely NFL personnel, media and fans meticulously dissect many of these athletes in hopes of accurately projecting their potential at the next level.

This year’s crop of aspiring rookies is no different than draft classes we’ve seen in the past in that some positions are bereft of premium blue-chippers, which often leads some evaluators to overstate the value of the top members of that specific position group.

This serves as merely one example of how we sometimes collectively fall in the trap of overestimating the talent flowing in from the college pipeline.

In order to objectively assess a draft-eligible college athlete, one must consider numerous factors, such as the player’s level of competition; how he was utilized in his offensive or defensive scheme; the prospect’s physical maturity in determining if he’s already peaked and the young man’s flaws and how correctable they are.

The bottom line with these individuals is that the vast majority of them will be given a limited time to prove they can consistently perform against the best football can offer before they must step aside and make room for tomorrow’s rookies two or three years down the road.

The following are a group of gifted twenty-somethings that are being overhyped from this writer’s perspective and may end up being overdrafted in a little over a week from now.

As for the Packers, this will be new GM Brian Gutekunst’s initial foray into the draft process as the team’s No. 1 decision maker when it comes to acquiring new personnel.

As the top guy, he’ll first and foremost need to demonstrate his ability in filling obvious holes without reaching for talent.

Here are some notables who both Gutekunst and other GMs should be careful of drafting a round or two earlier than they should.