Packers: Jordan Love the biggest value pick of first round?

Jordan Love (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Jordan Love (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Was Jordan Love the best value pick of the first round?

Many have been critical of the Green Bay Packers‘ draft class, and in particular the trade-up in the first round for Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

A risk, yes. But if it pays off, the Love pick will be remembered as a great one.

And the value could be excellent for the Packers.

Did the Packers get it right in the first round?

Andrew Lamers of With the First Pick has identified the value pick of each round in April’s draft. You might be surprised to see that his pick for the best value of the first round was Jordan Love.

Lamers wrote that this is a “perfect landing spot for both player and team”, and he makes a strong case.

I, too, have been a bigger fan of this move than most. While passing up on a player who can help the team win now could prove to be a mistake, the long-term benefits of drafting Love will be huge if he develops into the player they believe he can be.

Draft success isn’t determined by the rookie season, rather the years that come ahead. If Love develops into a franchise quarterback who can lead the Packers to sustained success over many years, this will be a home-run decision.

Parallels have been drawn to the Aaron Rodgers pick in 2005 when Brett Favre was still the starter. While the comparisons aren’t identical, there are of course similarities. Love doesn’t need to be the next Rodgers but if he becomes a longtime starter who helps his team consistently challenge in the NFC North, it will have been a smart decision.

I agree with Lamers’ point about this being a good landing spot for both the player and team. Love absolutely needs work; starting for any team in the league this year wouldn’t be ideal for him. In Green Bay, he’ll get that time to develop while learning from an all-time great. For the Packers, Love’s development could line up perfectly with their future need of a starting quarterback.

If Love proves to be a franchise QB, selecting him 26th overall will easily be the best value pick of the first round.