No, the Packers don’t need to add another receiver

Green Bay Packers, Davante Adams Mandatory Credit: Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK
Green Bay Packers, Davante Adams Mandatory Credit: Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK /

Even after a wave of injuries, the Packers don’t need to add another big-name receiver.

The Green Bay Packers are in an interesting bind right now. Davante Adams went down with a hamstring injury in Week 2 while the Packers were routing Detroit. Not wanting to risk injuring it further, the Packers kept Adams out of a huge game when they traveled down to New Orleans.

Luckily, Allen Lazard stepped up, posting 146 yards and a touchdown, helping lead the Packers to a 37-30 victory over the Saints. The fact that Lazard stepped up eased a lot of Packers fans’ feelings. With Atlanta coming up, which is one of the worst defenses in the league, and a bye the week after that, the Packers would probably be able to weather the storm of not having Adams in the lineup.

Then a report came out that Lazard was popping up on the injury report and no one really knew what was going on until it was announced he had a ‘core muscle’ injury, which could mean a lot of different things. One constant with those injuries is that they take a while to heal. So now Lazard will be shelved for the foreseeable future.

So, now what?

Well, all those fans that ripped Brian Gutekunst for not drafting a receiver are coming back out of the woodwork, complaining again that the Packers didn’t take someone in the draft.

Relax, would ya?

The receiver position has been ravished with injuries, it happens. Having a rookie receiver won’t magically change the outlook of the position right now.

The Packers’ offense has been absolutely rolling, even without Adams, In fact, in the past two seasons, Adams has missed five games, and in those games, the Packers are 5-0 and have great offensive numbers. Not to say Adams isn’t good, but it shows that Matt LaFleur is able to gameplan around people missing.

That’s what LaFleur will do in Monday’s matchup with the Falcons as well. I think the situation would be different if Adams and Lazard were both going to be out indefinitely. But adding someone like Jake Kumerow, OBJ (for the thousandth time, no), and Jordy Nelson (LOL) isn’t going to help this Packer team right now.

The Packers need to get by Atlanta on Monday night, then will have another week off for the Week 5 bye before taking on Tampa Bay in Week 6. By then, Adams should be back, and hopefully Equanimeous St. Brown will be able to make his season debut by then.

Until then, the Green Bay should be able to make do. In this offense, more than just wide receivers are receivers. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams will likely be active in the passing game. The tight ends will also be making plays, so the offense won’t have to be reliant on receivers. I think LaFleur is creative enough and Aaron Rodgers is good enough to make do until the receiving corps can make it back to full strength.

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