Packers: Three duds from Week 8 loss against Vikings

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Three duds for the Packers in Week 8 loss to the Vikings.

The Green Bay Packers took their second loss in 2020 on Sunday. They took on hated rival Minnesota Vikings and wound up on the losing side. Similar to their loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay actually looked strong out the gate.

They continued their streak of scoring on their opening drive and Green Bay can say they are the only team in the league to have achieved that this season. In the first half, the offense was actually looking pretty strong.

The passing and the rushing attack was on point to start the game. Aaron Rodgers completed his first eight passes, while Jamaal Williams once again showed that he can be a legit running back in this league and that he is an underrated player on the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately, the defense had no answer for the Viking offense, particularly Dalvin Cook. This has been the case all season and in my opinion, will continue to be the case for Green Bay and will be their eventual downfall in the postseason.

Packers fans have seen this story too many times. The team has a fantastic offense, though they could look to improve it before Tuesday’s deadline, the defense just can’t stop anyone.

Looking at the defensive unit I genuinely can’t point to something that they do well. They’re awful against the run, they’re better against the pass but still struggle at times. They also get almost no pressure and force very little turnovers. This is not a winning formula and needs to be addressed, whether it is before the deadline or in the offseason.