Packers: Five players key to victory in divisional round vs. Rams

Green Bay Packers (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
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Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon
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2. AJ Dillon

Aaron Jones is the lead back and a superb one. He can catch passes, run the ball and be a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. I have no doubt he will be a huge factor in the game.

Jamaal Williams has also returned from injury to reclaim his spot as the first back off the bench and has played well all season.

But, for this game, AJ Dillon might be the better bet to pair with Jones.

Donald’s not 100 percent, that we covered. For the Packers to see just how much it will affect him, they should run the ball right at him with their 250-pound tailback. Donald’s game is based off explosion and getting off the ball quick while also having the strength to hold up against the 300-pound linemen in run defense. But, shot or not, it will be difficult for him to hold up all game with that injury and a beast hammering at his injured ribs all game long.

If I were Matt LaFleur, I would come out with Dominique Dafney at fullback and Dillon at tailback in the old traditional “I” formation and run right at Donald to see just how much his ribs will affect his play.

In addition to wearing down Donald, Dillon is the perfect back to ride in the cold. He’s big, strong, tough to bring down, and will make secondary players think twice before they try to tackle him.

Like I said previously, Jones will make his plays and be a factor as well. But, there is always a role player that steps up big in the playoffs to help propel the team to greatness. In 2010 it was James Starks, this year it can be Dillon.

Outside of the game against the Titans, Dillon has been sparsely used so there isn’t much tape for the Rams to prepare for, making him the perfect secret weapon.