Packers free up $8.3 million by restructuring Bakhtiari’s deal

Green Bay Packers, David Bakhtiari (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, David Bakhtiari (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

The Green Bay Packers need to make some moves to get under the salary cap, and the process is underway.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Packers have created around $8.3 million in cap space by restructuring David Bakhtiari’s deal. Rapoport noted that the team has converted more than $11 million of roster bonus into signing bonus.

This changes nothing for Bakhtiari who will earn the same, but it allows the Packers to push some of the cap hits into future years and save them from the problem in the short term.

Moves were expected to be made as the Packers need to get under the cap in about a month. This won’t be the last roster move that is made. More restructures could be on the way while the team will likely have to release a few players too.

Packers cap expert Ken Ingalls highlighted just how much work still needs to be done, even after the Bakhtiari restructure.

Simply put, before Green Bay can even think about signing free agents, including its own, it needs to address the salary cap and get even.

Many teams are in the same boat. The salary cap continued to rise each year but the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to see it go the other way, and a reduced salary cap means teams need to adjust.

Fortunately, there are many ways to create cap room that doesn’t involve having to release key players on the roster. Moves, such as restructuring Bakhtiari’s deal, will help the Packers get under the cap.

Other roster moves that could help would include extending contracts. For example, Davante Adams has a year left on his deal but if he signs an extension, structuring it right could create some room for 2021.

Today was the first move of many. The Packers are step closer to getting under the salary cap.