3 teams Packers could trade with in 2021 NFL Draft

Green Bay Packers, Brian GutekunstGpg Packers 031419 Abw079
Green Bay Packers, Brian GutekunstGpg Packers 031419 Abw079 /

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst loves a draft-day trade.

He’s moved up and down regularly in his first three years as GM. And it’s a good thing. It shows Gutekunst is willing to be bold and move up for prospects he likes while also being willing to trade down to get the value if they feel it’s best to wait.

With projections for compensatory picks showing the Packers could end up with a total of 10 selections in this year’s draft, they should have some flexibility to move around again should they wish.

Let’s look at three teams Gutekunst could make a deal with during the draft.

1. Packers could trade up with Seahawks in second round

Twice in the past three years, the Packers have traded up in the first round with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks don’t own a first-round pick this year so that’s impossible, but Green Bay could give them a call on Day 2.

Seattle enters this draft with just four picks, so it’s possible it will look to add some more in a trade down.

Enter the Packers. If there’s a prospect Gutekunst likes, he could look to trade up six spots to Seattle’s position from No. 62 to No. 56. A fourth-round pick along with another in the sixth or seventh could be enough to get a deal done.

And with the Packers possibly receiving a fourth-round compensatory pick, they’d still be well set.

2. Packers could trade down with Jaguars in first round

What if Green Bay hits the clock at No. 29 but doesn’t have a first-round grade for any of the remaining prospects, or instead would rather target a position of need but doesn’t want to reach on a player? Perhaps a team with lots of draft picks would be willing to move up for a prospect they like.

A team to watch will be the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville enters the draft with 11 total picks including two in the first round. It also owns the No. 33 pick, which is the first of the second round. By jumping up four spots to No. 29, the Jaguars would also get the benefit of the fifth-year option.

It’s possible the Packers could bring back a late fourth in a trade. The Jaguars own the No. 121 pick.

3. Packers could trade up with Jets in first round

Now we’re talking. Gutekunst has traded up in the first round three years running. If he opts to do so again, perhaps he could give the New York Jets a call.

Like the Jaguars, the Jets are loaded with draft picks. They own two first-rounders (No. 2 and No. 23) and then own the second pick on Day 2 (No. 34). As a team in full rebuild mode, it’s possible the Jets will be look to stock up on more picks.

After landing a potential star at second overall, what if the Jets move down from No. 23 to No. 29? They’d still get the benefit of picking in the first round but could bring back a third-rounder from the Packers. Green Bay owns the No. 93 pick. From the Jets’ perspective, it could make a ton of sense as they would have another pick in the top three rounds. With so many needs, adding as much talent as possible should be New York’s aim.

For the Packers, it could also make sense, a team close to reaching the Super Bowl. If there’s a player Gutekunst thinks can help immediately at a position of need, possibly a cornerback, why not be aggressive and trade up for that prospect?

He took that approach with Jaire Alexander, Darnell Savage, and Jordan Love. Maybe he’ll do it again in 2021.