Packers: Three worst moves of the 2021 offseason

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst
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It’s been an eventful offseason for the Green Bay Packers to say the least.

Unfortunately, there are still big questions ahead in regards to Aaron Rodgers’ future and just how close this team can be to contending in 2021. With Rodgers, they have a roster ready to compete for the Super Bowl. Without him, and everything changes.

This offseason has also brought the challenges of the salary cap, which hit the Packers hard. Reduced revenues due to the Covid-19 pandemic led to a lowered salary cap. This impacted every team in the league, but some more than others. The Packers fall into that category.

It meant that Brian Gutekunst and Russ Ball needed to find ways to create cap space without having to trade away or release players key to the success of the team. Save money without making the team less competitive. Overall, it’s fair to say the Packers have managed that situation well, although it’s far from over as further salary cap issues await in 2022 and potentially beyond.

As training camp nears, most of the offseason work is complete and the focus is on the upcoming season. Meaningful football games will be back on our TV screens in less than three months.

Let’s look back at the offseason. What have been the Packers’ three worst moves?