Packers: Best-, worst-case scenario if Aaron Rodgers stays in 2021

Another week closer to the 2021 season and the wait for an answer to the Aaron Rodgers situation continues. The Green Bay Packers will be hoping Rodgers attends training camp, which begins next week.

So, what happens if Rodgers does return this season? Can he match last year’s MVP performance?

Here’s a look at the possible best- and worst-case scenarios if Rodgers returns.

Best-case scenario if Rodgers stays

The offseason drama doesn’t affect Rodgers, he returns at training camp and picks up where he left off last season. Even if his numbers don’t reach last season’s incredible heights, Rodgers puts in another MVP season but, this time, the Packers go all the way.

Instead of falling short at the NFC Championship Game stage for a third consecutive year, the Packers end their four-game losing run in the conference championship and reach the Super Bowl. Inspired by Super Bowl MVP Rodgers, who puts in a performance for the ages, the Lombardi Trophy comes home.

Worst-case scenario if Rodgers stays

Rodgers shows up, but he fails to reach last season’s form. Whether it’s due to the distraction of the past offseason, being in an unhappy situation, or simply because his play is on the decline, the Packers fail to reach the playoffs.

A worst-case scenario would be a repeat of either the 2017 or ’18 seasons. In the latter, Rodgers played every game but the offense struggled with the Packers winning just six games.

Even worse would be if Rodgers suffers a season-ending injury. He missed most of ’17 with a broken collarbone, and Green Bay’s incredible run of consecutive playoff appearances ended at eight.

Most-likely scenario

If Rodgers returns and plays the full season, I expect him to be locked-in with a point to prove, similar to last year. He’ll want to show the Packers why he’s still the MVP.

That said, it won’t be easy for him to match his 2020 numbers. Throwing 48 touchdown passes ranked fifth all-time, so it’s almost certain this number will drop somewhat, even if Rodgers is still playing at an MVP level.

But that doesn’t mean Rodgers can’t become the first player since Peyton Manning in 2009 to win back-to-back MVP awards.

If Rodgers returns, in potentially his final season for the Packers, he’ll be on fire all year, lead the team back into the playoffs and make another strong push for a championship.