Packers: Ranking the top five most important players in 2021

Green Bay Packers, Jaire Alexander - Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Green Bay Packers, Jaire Alexander - Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

The Green Bay Packers are fortunate to have star power sprinkled throughout the roster that help carry the team week in, and week out.

Should any of these players miss time, the team is forced to move down the depth chart and try to tread water in their absence.

So, today we’re going to look at the top five players on the team from a different perspective. We’ll be looking at the most important players on the roster, ranked by how the team would be affected should they miss time – NOT by talent alone.

5. Davante Adams, WR

It might seem ridiculous to have the best receiver in football all the way down at five, because you could make the argument that he’s the best player on the team – and that would be fair.

But what you can’t ignore is the fact that the Packers have managed to go 6-0 in his absence over the last two seasons. This in no way diminishes his value, because he’s one of the focal points of the offense. It’s just going to be easier to compensate for Adams missing a few games instead of a few players who will rank ahead of him on the list.

Adams is borderline unstoppable and will undoubtedly be an All-Pro once again. He’s top two, and he’s not two.

4. Elgton Jenkins, OL

I want to make it clear, this doesn’t mean that I think Elgton Jenkins is the fourth-best player on the roster (although he’s pretty high on the list). This is to highlight just how important he is to the Packers roster.

Jenkins is the Packers’ second-best LT on the roster, and the best at every other position on the line. His versatility has masked the offensive line’s injuries and deficiencies due to his ability to be a plug-and-play Pro Bowler anywhere on the offensive line. His value to this franchise is difficult to put into words – we as fans don’t often realize what a luxury it is to have a player as special as Elgton Jenkins.

3. David Bakhtiari, LT

The Packers saw what life without David Bakhtiari looked like last season after he suffered a torn ACL late in the year. It reminded us that we shouldn’t take the five-time All-Pro for granted. His absence could have been the difference between the Packers reaching the Super Bowl.

The Packers have the depth to allow the best left tackle in football to make a full recovery while still treading water up front. However, his presence is going to be integral to the team’s success – especially with Aaron Rodgers being less mobile than earlier in his career.

2. Jaire Alexander, CB

Jaire Alexander is one of few true shut-down corners in all of the NFL. The Louisville product can completely erase opposing teams’ number one wide receivers. That kind of talent cannot be understated, especially in a league where corners can’t get as physical as they once could.

Jaire is undoubtedly this team’s most valuable defensive player and one the defense would borderline collapse without, despite the fact that there are four first-round picks on that side of the ball.

1. Aaron Rodgers, QB

Aaron Rodgers is coming off an MVP season in which he posted the second-highest single-season passer rating in NFL history (121.5), only second to himself in 2011 (122.5). Rodgers has played in every game since Matt LaFleur took over as head coach, and has found great success.

This ranking goes without much explanation needed. If you don’t have your franchise quarterback healthy, you’re not going to be a true contender. If this truly is the Packers’ “last dance”, 12 staying healthy is, was, and will always be priority number one.