Packers: DeSean Jackson is a solid option and here is why

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Green Bay Packers have been making moves at the wide receiver position and are potentially looking for more talent in the draft.

Signing former Baltimore Raven Sammy Watkins was a good start and will provide Aaron Rodgers with a speedster who ran a 4.43 in the combine.

However, if we are looking at pure speed and a deep route threat then look no further than DeSean Jackson.

Yes, he is a 35 and is considering retirement, but what better way to persuade him to have one more season than Aaron Rodgers’ deep passing ability?

DeSean Jackson’s past seasons

Jackson has 32 touchdowns of 40-plus yards and is ranked sixth of all time in the category.

His early success in Philadelphia made him a high-ticket item in the NFL with the league becoming more and more a passing game. Big chunk plays were the new norm and Jackson was the modern age master of it.

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Those days are gone for Jackson, however, with the former Eagle moving to the Washington Commanders in 2014 and having his last 1,000-yard season in 2016.

Since then, the USC wideout has been steadily declining in numbers and has been with four teams.

His latest season saw Jackson having 20 receptions for 454 yards and two touchdowns. Jackson had an average of 22.7 yards per reception, which shows that he can still make those chunk plays and move the chains.

Why DeSean Jackson is a solid option for Packers

Jackson is a threat and can create a huge distraction for defenses on how they approach and come up against a Packers offense which has a solid run game and has two sets of receivers.

One can get small-yard gains with Randall Cobb and Amari Rodgers, whereas the second set can get big chunk plays with Sammy Watkins and Allen Lazard.

If the Packers can’t sign a major wide receiver this offseason or get good talent in the draft, Jackson is a solid option who will add depth to a depthless position for the Packers.