Packers: Predicting safety depth chart in 2022 season

Mandatory Credit: Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports /

For the fourth season in a row, Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage will be the Green Bay Packers‘ starting combination at safety.

Having continuity here is good for the secondary, but there will be some changes at the backup spots.

Who will be the Packers’ number three safety, and how could the depth chart look at the end of training camp?

Packers S depth chart predictions in 2022

  1. Adrian Amos
  2. Darnell Savage
  3. Shawn Davis
  4. Dallin Leavitt
  5. Tariq Carpenter

Adrian Amos returns for his fourth season with the Packers. He is one of the most underrated players on the entire team and will again play a vital role in the secondary.

Darnell Savage will be aiming to get back to his best in 2022. He didn’t have his best season last year, mostly in coverage. According to Pro Football Reference, he allowed a passer rating of 117.4, along with a career-worst eight touchdowns.

There will be competition for the number three safety spot this summer. Right now, Shawn Davis appears to be the frontrunner.

New signing Dallin Leavitt should make the 53-man roster. He will provide competition for the number three spot.

Leavitt played a backup role on defense for the Las Vegas Raiders last season, and he can also be a key special teams contributor.

According to Wes Hodkiewicz of, Leavitt has already been part of the kick return unit as a blocker.

The Packers have done a lot to fix their special teams this year, and signing players like Leavitt is a big part of that.

Rookie Tariq Carpenter provides positional versatility. He can play at safety and inside linebacker, which will help him make the roster. He can also contribute on special teams.

Competition is a good thing, and there will be plenty of it at safety over the summer.