Green Bay Packers: A look at career touchdowns… by the alphabet

With his two touchdowns versus the Chicago Bears in Week 2, running back Aaron Jones took over the team career lead in most touchdowns… that is, TDs by a Green Bay Packers player whose last name starts with the letter “J.”

Entering the 2022 season, Jones had been tied with Greg Jennings for the most TDs in Green Bay history by a player with the last name starting with the letter “J.”

Jones is not the only active player who tops the Packers TD “by the alphabet” list. Randall Cobb has 50 TDs as a member of the Packers. This tops the letter “C” group.

Here’s a letter-by-letter list of the players who have scored the most TDs in Packers’ history.

A: Davante Adams, 73
B: Johnny Blood, 37
C: Randall Cobb, 50
D: Donald Driver, 62
E: Gerry Ellis, 35
F: Antonio Freeman, 57
G: Ahman Green, 68
H: Don Hutson, 105
I: Eddie Lee Ivery, 30
J: Aaron Jones, 55
K: John Kuhn, 23
L: Verne Lewellen, 51
M: Max McGee, 51
N: Jordy Nelson, 69
O: Steve Odom, 15
P: Elijah Pitts, 35
Q: Andrew Quarless, 6
R: Tobin Rote. 30
S: Sterling Sharpe, 66
T: Jim Taylor, 91
U: Andy Uram, 16
V: Marquez Valdez-Scantling, 13
W: Ed West, 26

X, Y, Z: None each

It’s interesting to note that something (or someone) seems to be missing from the above list. There are a handful of Packers legends who do not appear on the list. In fact. eight players who appear in the Top 20 of most touchdowns scored by Green Bay Packers, do not appear on Green Bay’s alphabet TD list.

The biggest name missing is Paul Hornung, a green and gold legend who scored 62 TDs for the team. Of course, having the last name starting with an “H” doesn’t help when the franchise’s most prolific TD scorer was Don Hutson.

Here are the eight players who are in the Top 20 for most touchdowns in Green Bay history, but do not appear on the above Packers alphabet TD list:

Paul Hornung, 62 TDs (tied for seventh on the TD list)
Greg Jennings, 53 TDs (11th place on TD list)
James Lofton, 50 TDs (tied for 14th on TD list)
James Jones, 45 TDs (16th on TD list)
Clarke Hinkle, 44 TDs (tied for 17th on TD list)
Dorsey Levens, 44 TDs (tied for 17th on TD list)
Billy Howton, 43 TDs (19th on TD list)
Boyd Dowler, 40 TDs (20th on TD list)