Analyzing potential trade scenarios between Packers and Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers could be sellers at the trade deadline. Are there any realistic trade possibilities for the Green Bay Packers?

Four defeats in five games. A change at head coach. All the ingredients are there for the Carolina Panthers to be sellers before next month’s trade deadline. The question is, if they make any players available, would a deal make sense for the Green Bay Packers?


The Packers are contenders in the NFC but are yet to put together a complete performance. They will undoubtedly improve as the season goes on, but an addition or two via trade could help this team.

If the Panthers move on from players before the trade deadline, which potential targets are realistic for the Packers?

Christian McCaffrey, RB

Positional fit: 5/10

Chance of happening: Very low

As fun as it would be to watch Christian McCaffrey wearing the green and gold, there are about a million reasons why this won’t happen.

Running back isn’t a position of need for the Packers. Aaron Jones is averaging 6.4 yards per carry this season and forms one of the league’s top duos with AJ Dillon.

Green Bay’s run game issues come from not giving the backs enough opportunities.

However, there’s no doubt McCaffrey would help the offense, mostly for his receiving work. The two-time All-Pro has 3,203 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns in 63 career games. He would add a lot to the Packers’ offense.

So, why are the chances of this happening very low?

Along with the lack of need at the position, McCaffrey’s contract puts him out of range for the Packers. Green Bay won’t be trading for a running back with cap hits above $19 million in each of the next two seasons, especially when you consider his injury history — McCaffrey has missed 23 games over the past two seasons.

It would be a fun one, but it’s simply not happening.