Packers 2023 three-round mock draft featuring Aaron Rodgers trade

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /
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It’s the offseason. Aaron Rodgers is thinking about his future, and for now, all options are on the table for the Green Bay Packers.

Will he retire? Will he play for the Packers in 2023? Maybe, just maybe, he will ask for a trade.

Mock drafts shouldn’t be taken too seriously, so let’s have some fun. Let’s imagine a scenario where the Packers did trade away the four-time MVP.

Rodgers gets to push for a Super Bowl elsewhere, while Green Bay takes the short-term dead cap hit but builds for its future with talented young quarterback Jordan Love.

How could the draft fall for the Packers? Let’s start with the Aaron Rodgers trade.

Note: Salary cap numbers in this article are according to Over The Cap. This mock draft was put together using Pro Football Focus’ mock draft simulator.

Oh, how history keeps repeating itself.

Much like how Brett Favre repeatedly considered retirement, similar to Rodgers, the four-time MVP’s time in Green Bay ends the same way.

Similar to Favre, Rodgers gets traded to the New York Jets.

And it could be a perfect landing spot for Rodgers. In New York, he would join a talented roster desperate for quarterback help.

With Rodgers on board, the Jets could make a push in the AFC and finally end their playoff drought.

What could the Packers realistically ask for in a trade? That’s hard to say. They almost certainly wouldn’t return a boatload of picks as they could a year ago, but two first-rounders seems reasonable.

Green Bay takes on a huge dead cap hit for 2023, but after that, Rodgers’ contract would be off the books.