Packers: Mason Crosby has scored in the most games since 2007

Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images) /

“With the 193rd pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select… Mason Crosby, placekicker, University of Colorado.”

After nine seasons of Ryan Longwell as their kicker (1997-2005) and one season (2006) with Dave Rayner handling their place-kicking chores, the Packers in 2007 used one of their draft picks (a sixth-round selection) to draft Mason Crosby as their next placekicker.

There’s a good chance that the Packers did not know that 16 years later Crosby would set the team record for most games played in a Green Bay uniform (258) and that of all the players chosen in the 2007 draft, Crosby’s 258 games played would be the most of any player from that draft.

There are a multitude of stats that would help illuminate the success Crosby has had for the Pack. But for the sake of this article, let’s focus on one: Games where Crosby scored at least one point for the Packers.

Did you know that since 2007 (the year Crosby became the Packers’ placekicker), Mason Crosby has scored in the most NFL regular season games, 253?

Mason Crosby has scored in the most games since 2007

Crosby is one of six players who has scored in 200 or more games since 2007. The six:

253: Mason Crosby
235: Robbie Gould
229: Matt Prater
210: Ryan Succop
205: Nick Folk
202: Stephen Gostkowski

Of course, the fact that the Packers have been shutout in only three games from 2007-2022 certainly helps (in the other two games, the Packers went for a two-point conversion after scoring their only TD).

As you might expect, Crosby’s 253 games with a point in his career is also a Packers team record. Fellow placekickers Ryan Longwell (144) and Chris Jacke (122) are the only other Packers players to score in over 100 of the Packers’ games.

If we look at the history of the NFL, Crosby’s 253 games with a point ranks 15th all-time. Topping this list is Morten Andersen, who scored a point in 375 regular season NFL games. Here are the Top 10 players who scored a point in the most games.

Players with most games with at least one point in NFL history

375: Morten Andersen
361: Adam Vinatieri
342: Gary Anderson
320: Jason Hanson
296: John Carney
295: John Kasay
293: Matt Stover
291: Phil Dawson
277: Sebastian Janikowski
265: Norm Johnson

With another NFL season, Crosby could easily add 13-17 more games with a point and could jump into the Top 10 in this category.

Where will Mason Crosby be kicking in 2023?

The bigger question, however, is where will Mason Crosby play in 2023? Cap number issues may force the team to go younger/cheaper at the kicking position and Crosby could find himself with a different franchise next season.

No denying the impact this sixth-round pick in 2007 had on the Packers’ success over the past 16 seasons.