Top 10 quarterbacks the Packers have ever drafted

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The NFL Draft began in 1936. In the 87 years of the draft, the Green Bay Packers have selected 56 quarterbacks. Of those 56 QBs drafted by Green Bay, 30 started at least one NFL game in their career and 39 played in an NFL game.

Of those that started or played in an NFL game, it might not have been with the Packers. In fact, of the 56 QBs drafted by the Packers in their history, 29 played a game for the Pack.

Green Bay used nine first-round picks on QBs in their draft history.

The nine: Rich Campbell (1981), Jordan Love (2020), Stan Heath (1949), Randy Duncan (1959), Ernie Case (1947), Jerry Tagge (1972), Don Horn (1967), Babe Parilli (1952) and Aaron Rodgers (2005).

Of these nine, only Rodgers and Parilli started 100 or more NFL games at QB.

There would probably not be much debate about the best QB ever drafted by the Packers; consensus would be Aaron Rodgers. And there’s a good chance that there would be no debate about the second-best: Bart Starr.

But let’s take the discussion a little deeper. Here’s the question: Who are the Top 10 QBs ever drafted by the Green Bay Packers? Remember, some of these 56 QBs drafted by the Packers never played in a game for the Pack.

Here’s one person’s Top 10 best QBs ever drafted by the Green Bay Packers:

1. Aaron Rodgers: 2005, 1st Round, 24th overall pick from California. Four-time league MVP, 10-time Pro Bowl, four-time All-Pro, Super Bowl MVP. Has played his whole career in Green Bay… up until this point. A clear choice for #1.

2. Bart Starr: 1956, 17th Round, 200th overall pick from Alabama. A Hall-of-Famer. Played his entire 16-year career with the Packers. Two-time Super Bowl champ and MVP. Made the Pro Bowl four times. Had a 94-57-6 record as Green Bay QB.

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3. Matt Hasselbeck: 1998, 6th Round, 187th overall pick from Boston College. Spent two seasons with the Packers. Had a 17-year career in the NFL, mostly with Seattle. He made the Pro Bowl three times. Had 212 career TD passes. Record of 85-75 in games he started.

4. Mark Brunell: 1993, 5th Round, 118th overall pick from Washington. Spent one season in Green Bay before being traded to Jacksonville. Started 151 NFL games, 117 with the Jags. Was a three-time Pro Bowler. Had 184 career TD passes.

5. Daryle Lamonica: 1963, 12th Round, 168th overall pick from Notre Dame. Never played with Green Bay. Was drafted by the Buffalo Bills of the AFL where he played four seasons. Spent eight years as an Oakland Raider. Made the Pro Bowl five times and was twice the AFL Player of the Year.

6. Babe Parilli: 1952, 1st Round, fourth overall pick from Kentucky. Played four seasons in Green Bay, where he started 14 games (3-11 record). Had a 15-year pro football career, most of it in the AFL. Made the Pro Bowl three times. Was All-AFL selection in 1964 with Boston Patriots.

7. Tobin Rote: 1950, 2nd Round, 17th pick overall from Rice. Spent seven years in Green Bay, starting 73 games (26-46-1 record). Played for the Lions for three seasons, then up to the Canadian League for three years. Was 1963 AFL MVP with San Diego.

8. Aaron Brooks: 1999, 4th Round, 131st overall pick from Virginia. Never played a game for the Packers. Was the third-string QB behind Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck before being traded to New Orleans. Played eight years in the NFL with 123 career TD passes, 120 with the Saints. Had a 38-52 record in NFL starts.

9. Don Majkowski: 1987, 10th Round, 255th overall pick from Virginia. Played six years in Green Bay. Made one Pro Bowl. Led NFL in passing yards for GB in 1989. Had 22-26-1 record as Packers’ starter. Had 66 career TD passes. Finished second in NFL MVP award voting in 1989 behind Joe Montana.

10. Scott Hunter: 1971, 6th Round, 140th overall pick from Alabama. Three of his six NFL seasons were in Green Bay. Had 29 starts for the Packers (15-11-3 record). Had 23 career TD passes.

So, what do you think? Other QBs drafted by the Packers who didn’t make my Top 10 but would probably get an honorable mention include: David Whitehurst, Randy Wright, Ty Detmer, Don Horn and Jerry Tagge.

With the start of the Jordan Love era as Green Bay Packers QB about to begin, will he some time in the future take up one of the spots above? Could he become the third first-round QB selected by the Packers to play in 100 or more NFL games?