The 10 biggest what-ifs in Green Bay Packers history

- What if Aaron Rodgers had gone to the 49ers?

- What if Dez Bryant caught it?

- What if Reggie White never signed?

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9. What if the Packers had drafted DeAndre Hopkins in 2013?

There are certainly a number of times throughout Green Bay Packers history in which the team really messed up in the NFL Draft by not going after offensive skill players. This is just one of the variety of times you could argue the Packers simply didn't have the right priorities in the first-round of the NFL Draft over the last decade-plus.

The Packers' aversion to drafting offensive skill players in the first round during Aaron Rodgers' time with the team is rather staggering. The only skill player drafted in the first round by the Packers since Aaron Rodgers in 2005 is infamously Jordan Love.

The Packers used their first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft on defensive lineman Datone Jones and Hopkins went one pick later to the Houston Texans. The rest is history.

8. What if the Packers finished the job vs. the Broncos?

The Green Bay Packers were the biggest favorites in Super Bowl history going into their matchup against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII. The Broncos were obviously in desperation mode at this point after John Elway had a career full of disappointment regarding the Super Bowl.

Elway had been blown out in the Super Bowl by some of the greatest teams in NFL history including the 49ers, Washington, and Cowboys. The Packers were supposed to be the 4th NFC team to decimate Elway in the Super Bowl, but he and the Broncos had other plans. The Packers had a top 5 offense and defense that season, but it didn't end up mattering in the end, as they lost to the Broncos 31-24.

What if they had won? Obviously, it would have been another trophy in the case. It would have likely cemented a Hall of Fame legacy for Mike Holmgren. It might have kept Reggie White in Green Bay longer.