The 10 biggest what-ifs in Green Bay Packers history

- What if Aaron Rodgers had gone to the 49ers?

- What if Dez Bryant caught it?

- What if Reggie White never signed?

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5. What if the Packers had not drafted Jordan Love?

The Green Bay Packers originally held the 30th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and they traded up to the 26th overall slot in order to acquire the team's current starting quarterback, Jordan Love. At the time, Love was considered a wild card at the position coming out of Utah State, some teams falling in love with his physical abilities and playmaking at Utah State.

The Packers, obviously, more than anyone else. That decision set into motion a chain of events that obviously led us to where we are today -- with Aaron Rodgers as the starting QB of the New York Jets and three years of total drama every offseason for the Packers.

Why couldn't Brian Gutekunst have just taken Tee Higgins at 30? Or Michael Pittman Jr.? Heck, the Packers were obviously in the market for a running back in this draft -- why didn't Gutekunst just take Jonathan Taylor, a Wisconsin Badger, and keep him in-state with that 30th overall pick?

The Packers might have put themselves in a much better position to win a championship from 2020-present if not for this decision. We'll see how well it works out for the long-term of the franchise, but given the fact that Rodgers went on to win back-to-back MVP awards after this selection, it's clear the Packers made a mistake with the timing and should have gone with a different player.