The 10 biggest what-ifs in Green Bay Packers history

- What if Aaron Rodgers had gone to the 49ers?

- What if Dez Bryant caught it?

- What if Reggie White never signed?

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4. What if Dez Bryant caught it?

This is a question people have been asking for years now. What if Dez Bryant caught it? Did he catch it?

Perhaps we need AI to settle this age-old debate...

The apparent non-catch by Dez Bryant obviously led to the Green Bay Packers traveling to Seattle to face off against the reigning Super Bowl champion Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Incidentally, the Packers' blown lead in that NFC Championship game is another prominent "what if" in franchise history.

But that game almost never happened in the first place. If Dez Bryant is credited with a catch against Green Bay, it would have likely propelled the Cowboys to the NFC Championship game where they would have faced off against the Seahawks. Who knows what would have happened in that case, but that was arguably the Cowboys' best team in the last 10 years and they would have taken a top-5 scoring offense into Seattle for a shot to get back to the Super Bowl.

This has become one of the most hotly contested and debated "what if" scenarios in recent NFL history for any team, not just the Packers or Cowboys. The non-catch by Dez Bryant forced the NFL to literally rewrite the rules.

Perhaps the Green Bay Packers reaching the conference championship game that year was the result of Dez Bryant simply crawling so future receivers could run.