10 quarterbacks who could be the Packers starter in 2024

Who will be the team's QB1 of the future?
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2. Caleb Williams, USC (NFL Draft)

Caleb Williams has been labeled by some as a "generational" type of prospect, but that doesn't really appear to be the case, does it?

There are truly very few "generational" types of prospects, which is why people feel like that word gets thrown around way too often. And it does. Generational prospects like Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence lived up to their billing immediately and their status as top picks was really never in question.

Caleb Williams, who has struggled this season taking care of the ball at times and taking way too many sacks, has fallen in the eyes of some NFL talent evaluators from the top overall player in this class to not even being the top overall QB. Some see North Carolina's Drake Maye in that regard now.

If that's the case, then the Packers might actually have a legitimate shot at a player like Caleb Williams if they finish somewhere in the top 5-10 picks of next year's draft order. With the extra second-round pick from the Aaron Rodgers trade, the Packers have ammunition this year and next to make a compelling offer to get into the top two picks if one of the teams isn't taking a QB there.

Williams, despite potentially "falling" out of the top overall slot, is still an absolute stud with all of the talent in the world, and the makeup of a future franchise QB.