10 quarterbacks who could be the Packers starter in 2024

Who will be the team's QB1 of the future?
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5. Kyler Murray, Cardinals (trade)

If the Arizona Cardinals, who currently hold the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft (if the season ended today) aren't willing to trade the No. 1 pick because they like a QB too much, then they might be able to be enticed to trade veteran Kyler Murray.

Murray is coming off of a major knee injury this season and is about to make his return to the field, but how is he going to look coming off of that injury? Will he be the same guy in terms of his escape-ability?

Is Murray too risky with his contract? Is he truly a top-10 type of player at the position?

I don't know if Murray is really at that level at this point, even when he's playing his best football. When everything was clicking for the Cardinals a couple of years ago, Murray was playing MVP-caliber football, at least for a stretch. I think if the Cardinals would put Murray up for a trade this offseason, they would be able to get a pretty nice return. Murray just turned 26 this year, he has already played in a lot of big games, and he's a dynamic weapon at the position.

For the price, however, is he a top-tier leader at the QB position? How much does that matter to any acquiring team?

These are all fair questions, but on paper, he seems like one of the best QBs that could realistically be available in 2024 to Green Bay or anyone else.