10 quarterbacks who could be the Packers starter in 2024

Who will be the team's QB1 of the future?
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7. JJ McCarthy, Michigan (NFL Draft)

One of the players who has drawn a ton of attention from NFL Draft folks this year is Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy. McCarthy wasn't really being talked about in the preseason whatsoever in NFL circles, and now some have him among their top 20 overall prospects.

McCarthy has completed over 78 percent of his passes this season so far and has 18 passing touchdowns, three rushing touchdowns, and just three interceptions.

It's possible we have the best (and frankly, maybe the first good) quarterback prospect coming from Jim Harbaugh's Michigan program. McCarthy was a four- or five-star prospect coming out of high school depending on what recruiting outlet you choose to take as gospel, but either way, he's been a player with high expectations since he got to Ann Arbor.

McCarthy has NFL-level arm talent but has shown some really good poise in the pocket, and a great ability to exploit defenses pre- and post-snap. In other words, he seems to be seeing the field very well and that has translated to tremendous improvement in 2023.

Realistically speaking, at least as of right now, it feels like McCarthy may be one of the most likely players to be available to the Packers in the NFL Draft depending on how many games they win the rest of the way.