5 greatest one hit wonders in Green Bay Packers history

  • A Heisman winner
  • The QB before Brett Favre
  • A RB from the 70s
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One-hit wonders can be some of the biggest fan favorites for any NFL fan base. Sometimes even more than players who spend the majority of their career with your favorite teams, fans tend to remember the guys who had huge spikes in production but weren't able to duplicate it or even come close. For the Green Bay Packers, there are certainly a number of interesting one-hit wonders throughout the team's history.

But who are the best? Who are the most notable? I think when you look at some of the best one-hit wonders throughout any team's history, there has to be a combination of hype along with production, and for some players, the production isn't going to be other-worldly.

Let's take a look at the top five one-hit wonders in Green Bay Packers history.

Top 5 one-hit wonders in Green Bay Packers history

5. Terdell Middleton, RB (1977-1981)

Starting with the low-hanging fruit here, Terdell Middleton is one of the most notable one-hit wonders throughout Green Bay Packers history despite spending five of his seven NFL seasons with the team. Middleton was a third-round pick out of Memphis in the 1977 NFL Draft and didn't really do much in his rookie season, only registering 35 carries. Among those 35 carries, he had four fumbles.

In his second season, though, Middleton exploded with over 1,100 yards rushing and over 1,400 yards from scrimmage with 12 total touchdowns (11 rushing, 1 receiving). That production earned Middleton a Pro Bowl nod in the 1978 season and unfortunately, he wouldn't match that production again. In fact, not only would he not match it, but Middleton wouldn't even touch 1,400 yards from scrimmage the rest of his NFL career.

He did end up leading the Packers in yards from scrimmage in 1979 but that was not much of an achievement considering he had just 650 yards from scrimmage. By the 1980 season, Middleton was a role player at best. He got a shot with Tampa Bay in 1982 and spent a couple of seasons there but didn't do much.