5 Packers who definitely won't be back after free agency

Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon
Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The Green Bay Packers have had a busy free agency period, including making a couple of big splashes by signing running back Josh Jacobs and safety Xavier McKinney.

With the 2024 NFL Draft looming, the Packers will have a wide variety of new players coming aboard this roster and there may not be room for certain players who have hit free agency, or even players who are still on the roster.

Let's take a look at a number of Packers players who won't be back, even after what we've seen transpire in the early stages of NFL free agency.

1. AJ Dillon

Despite the fact that the Packers found a unique way to bring AJ Dillon back onto the 90-man roster, don't be surprised if he doesn't make the final 53. It's possible we could even see Dillon traded before we even get to training camp in July.

The Packers used a rare exception to bring Dillon back, a one-year contract worth $2.58 million but only $1.29 million on the salary cap. In other words -- it's an incredibly easy contract for the Packers to move on from.

Now, that could end up meaning that Dillon remains on the roster as a heck of a bargain, but with 11 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Packers aren't likely to pass altogether on the running back position. They could enter the season with Josh Jacobs, a rookie, and second-year Emanuel Wilson as the top three.

The exception Dillon received to return to Green Bay may not mean a long-term stay.