5 Packers who definitely won't be back after free agency

Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon
Green Bay Packers, AJ Dillon / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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4. David Bakhtiari

The longtime star at left tackle for the Green Bay Packers hasn't been on the field much over the last few seasons, but it's still a bit of a tough pill to swallow to see him go.

Bakhtiari was one of the last remnants of some great Packers teams which have slowly trickled out of town in the last three seasons. Davante Adams was traded in 2022, Aaron Rodgers was traded in 2023, and now Bakhtiari is gone in 2024.

And it doesn't feel overly likely we'll see him back in Green Bay, even with him working his way back to be able to play in 2024. The Packers need to go a different direction. Rasheed Walker played well enough last season to warrant a longer look, and the Packers can take advantage this offseason of a ridiculously good tackle class.

5. Rudy Ford

The Green Bay Packers are completely resetting at the safety position this offseason. Former first-round pick Darnell Savage is off to the Jaguars, and Xavier McKinney is entrenched as the top dog at that position group.

As a matter of fact, the Packers are replacing their top three guys at the safety position from last year in snaps. Jonathan Owens is now in Chicago and Rudy Ford remains a free agent. And it's not likely he's coming back to Green Bay.

Ford probably had the best year of his career last year for Green Bay, but the alternatives available in free agency and the NFL Draft make it tough for Green Bay to justify re-signing him at the age of 29 going on 30. Perhaps we'll see this reunion, but only in a last resort type of situation.

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