5 Packers players who could follow Joe Barry out of the door

Joe Barry is officially out as Packers DC, but what players are soon to follow?
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The Green Bay Packers have officially decided to move on from defensive coordinator Joe Barry. How they choose to replace Barry will be a major determining factor in player personnel on that side of the ball, but the departure of Barry immediately puts a number of Packers players on the chopping block and next in line to follow him out the door.

The Packers proved in 2023 that they are ahead of schedule as far as becoming a true contender in the NFC North, at least from the average outsider's perception. Even if you consider the Packers overachievers in 2023, I think it's clear that this team is just a few defensive tweaks away from potentially taking the Detroit Lions' spot atop the NFC North in 2024.

And with that in mind, a number of difficult decisions will need to be made regarding certain players now that Joe Barry has been canned.

Who could follow Barry out the door?

1. Darnell Savage

One of the more notable pending free agents defensively for the Green Bay Packers is Darnell Savage, the former first-round pick out of Maryland. Although Savage's decline with the Packers started upon Joe Barry's arrival, I think both Savage and the Packers will look to move on this offseason.

Savage had an awesome pick-six for Green Bay in the team's decisive win over the Cowboys in the Wild Card Round, but he failed to secure another easy pick-six against the 49ers in the second round, as well as completely whiffing on a tackle against 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, who then sprinted to the end zone for a touchdown.

In a way, Savage was almost solely responsible for a 14-point swing in a one-score loss.

Savage could be one of the first guys on the way out now that Barry has been let go.