5 Packers players who could follow Joe Barry out of the door

Joe Barry is officially out as Packers DC, but what players are soon to follow?
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3. De'Vondre Campbell

Unlike the Preston Smith signing, the De'Vondre Campbell move for the Green Bay Packers was more of the "reclamation project" variety when he was initially brought in on a one-year deal worth just $2 million back in 2021. At that point, it looked like Campbell was on his way to drifting around the league, looking for work wherever he could find it year to year.

He parlayed that one-year deal with the Packers into a five-year, $50 million contract and has given the Packers some really good football. The question at this point is whether or not his best days are behind him.

The Packers could save over $10.5 million by making Campbell a post-June 1 roster cut. That saving could be huge when it comes to bringing in another draft class and potentially adding guys in the second or third wave of NFL free agency.

Campbell has simply not played well enough lately to justify the Packers paying a base salary of nearly $7 million and taking on a cap hit of over $14.2 million. Those assets would be better served elsewhere, and the Packers could find starting-caliber linebackers pretty much anywhere and for a fraction of the cost.