5 Packers who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

These Packers players could be gone after this season.
Green Bay Packers
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Jordan Love

Although it might be premature to write him off for 2024, there's a very real chance that the Green Bay Packers could move on from Jordan Love next offseason. That will be largely dependent upon the alternatives, but we also have to consider the idea that Green Bay has -- for all intents and purposes -- never really been in this kind of a situation.

Not at least for 30-plus years, anyway.

The Packers are dealing with true NFL growth, which is non-linear. It's not going to always be the Aaron Rodgers story. Growth and progression almost never happen in a straight line, so perhaps expecting that of Jordan Love is unfair, but the NFL is a results-based business. If Love doesn't pass the eye test, even after just one season on the job, he could get the axe.

Eric Stokes

What is the old saying? The best ability is avail-ability...

It's corny, but it's true. The former first-round pick out of Georgia played 16 games in his rookie season back in 2021, but only played nine games last season and has only played in one game this year. That is simply not going to cut it when you are talking about teams needing reliable options at a critical position.

Stokes is a good player when healthy, but if the "when healthy" part is too few and far between, the Packers might have to send Stokes packing this offseason when he'll be entering a contract year in 2024.