5 Packers we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

Green Bay Packers
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3. Samori Toure

Look, it's a brutal position to be in to consider a seventh-round pick a "bust," but like I said earlier, there are different levels of expectations for different guys regardless of NFL Draft status.

Although he was just a seventh-round pick, there was some substantial hype surrounding Samori Toure in Green Bay thanks to the fact that NFL Draft experts felt he could go a couple of rounds higher, and also the fact that Toure did some nice things throughout the offseason to raise expectations.

Toure actually caught five passes and a touchdown in his rookie season with the Packers, so there were some people who felt like he could have a similar impact on the team in 2023 that we saw from the likes of Dontayvion Wicks, or even Bo Melton.

But just about every other wide receiver on the depth chart outshined Toure in the 2023 season, including undrafted rookie Malik Heath. Toure ended up with just eight receptions on the season even though the Packers clearly were putting everyone out there at the receiver position, and he also had a fumble late in the regular season against the Vikings.

It's tough to call him a bust, but Toure might not be back with the Packers in 2024, and he had a great opportunity to separate himself in 2023.