5 unexpected free agent signings Packers could still make happen

Could the Green Bay Packers make any unexpected moves before the 2023 season?
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3. Sign veteran WR Jarvis Landry

At this stage of his career, who knows if Jarvis Landry would want to go into a situation like the Packers are currently presenting? It's a tougher sell given the fact that Landry is likely at the back end of his career and he's already paid his dues on teams with young (or bad) quarterbacks.

But this is a move that could work out well for the Packers, specifically.

You've got a young quarterback, one of the best things you can do for him is give him a consistent outlet to get the ball to. Not that Jarvis Landry is still the same guy that made five straight Pro Bowls once upon a time, but he's a good veteran player who knows how to find soft spots in coverage and move the chains.

Over the last three years, Landry is averaging 70 receptions, 794 yards, and 3 TDs per 17 games played. His production took a nosedive last year with the Saints when he only played in nine games, but that was another team that was clearly in transition at the QB position.

Again, this isn't the same guy who made it to five Pro Bowls, but Landry could come in and be a veteran outlet for Jordan Love as well as a guy who could raise the proverbial "floor" of the Packers' receiver room. The bulk of the targets should be going to guys like Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs, but those guys didn't have Davante Adams to learn from last year.

Jarvis Landry could be a good veteran mentor for a young receiver room, if only for a season.