Aaron Jones' first comments as a Vikings player will make Packers fans sick

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Jones
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Jones / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Aaron Jones not playing for the Green Bay Packers is challenging enough, but watching him wear Minnesota Vikings purple will be heartbreaking.

The Packers made Jones an insulting final offer, hoping he would accept a significant pay cut to stay in Green Bay. It highlighted how tough the business side of the game is. General manager Brian Gutekunst took the emotion out of it, offering Jones what he believed was a fair contract.

Jones signed a deal worth only slightly more with the Vikings, but as he said in his introductory press conference, he "wanted to go where I felt wanted." It turns out that destination wasn't Green Bay but with the division-rival Vikings.

Jones signing with the Vikings was inevitable but nauseating. There's a reason why he was so beloved in Green Bay, and now we have to watch him play against the Packers twice a season.

It doesn't get any easier when listening to Jones's comments in his opening press conference.

Aaron Jones does Skol chant in first Vikings press conference

The Vikings introduced Jones with new quarterback Sam Darnold. As expected, reporters asked Jones about moving to a division rival after spending six seasons with the Packers.

"Honestly, I don't even know who's on [the Packers'] roster. After I got released, I turned straight to the Vikings," said Jones. "I'm not worried about the Packers."

He doesn't know who's on the Packers' roster? Presumably, Jones was referring to his lack of interest in any additions Green Bay makes in free agency—including his replacement, Josh Jacobs—as he is focused on his new team.

But Jones saved the worst for last. He ended the press conference with a walk-off "Skol" chant.

Jones has fully embraced the switch from the Packers to the Vikings. He is on board.

Only two months ago, Jones was holding up a "loser" sign to Vikings players following a postgame fight in Week 17. He had rushed for 120 yards in a 33-10 victory over Minnesota at U.S. Bank Stadium.

How times have changed. This will take some getting used to.

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