Aaron Rodgers trade rumors: Rounding up the latest updates in Packers-Jets deal

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If you've missed any of the latest Aaron Rodgers trade updates this week, don't worry, we've got you covered. And, no, the Green Bay Packers still haven't traded Rodgers to the New York Jets.

Initially, it seemed a deal would be imminent once Rodgers made his intentions clear on the Pat McAfee Show last month. However, as the weeks have passed without a trade being made, questions now arise about whether a deal will be finalized before the 2023 NFL Draft, which is less than two weeks away.

Do the teams want a deal done before then? And if the negotiations drag on beyond the draft, what could this mean?

Here's a roundup of the latest Aaron Rodgers trade rumors.

Aaron Rodgers trade rumors: Everything you need to know

Aaron Rodgers telling the Jets not to rush?

ESPN's Mike Greenberg was a guest on the Pat McAfee Show this week, and he had a fascinating quote:

"I've heard that Aaron has sent signals to the Jets that there's no reason for them to rush. That he's not coming until May anyway," said Greenberg.

If Rodgers is saying that to the Jets, it could mean he prefers the teams not to make a trade before the draft. And it makes sense. The Jets getting to make all of their 2023 selections helps them this year.

Adam Schefter: 'No assurances' deal gets done before draft

Building on that, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that a deal might not be done before the draft.

"While it looks like this is a situation that could heat up and escalate as the draft kicks off, there are no assurances that will happen either," Schefter said.

Schefter reported that there has been "little, if any" communication between the Packers and Jets recently.

Aaron Rodgers comments 'scared' Jets

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson was a guest on the Wilde and Tausch Show this week.

Robinson reported that Rodgers' comments about being "90% retired" scared Jets owner Woody Johnson, causing the Jets to back off in trade negotiations.

From Robinson: "They had trade parameters worked out, and then when Aaron went on 'Pat McAfee' and said 'I'm 90% retired when I went into the darkness retreat', I think it scared Woody."

Robinson noted a deal could've included a 2023 third-round pick and 2024 first-round choice from the Jets.


Former Aaron Rodgers teammate believes he could sabotage trade deal for Packers

All this leads to a fascinating quote from Rodgers' former teammate John Kuhn.

On Milwaukee 97.3 The Game, Kuhn questioned whether Rodgers' actions could have sabotaged the deal for the Packers.

Kuhn said: "He could give assurances to [the Jets] that he would indeed play two years, but he could say publicly that, 'I don't know.'"

Still no Aaron Rodgers deal between the Packers and Jets

In short, no deal has been agreed. The Packers and Jets appear to be holding firm. Maybe this gets done in the next two weeks, maybe it drags on beyond the draft.

That would create a whole new storyline to the drama. Without being able to receive 2023 picks, what incentive would the Packers have to rush a deal after the draft?

We wait. For now, Aaron Rodgers is a Green Bay Packers player.

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