Advanced metrics prove the Packers landed a dream 2024 schedule

The Packers can have no complaints about their 2024 schedule.
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Most years, the Green Bay Packers have good reason to be annoyed with the NFL schedule makers. Whether it's a ridiculously early bye week, a stretch of four road games in five weeks, or never getting their home opener in Week 1, there's usually something to complain about.

Not this year.

While the Packers still don't get a Lambeau game in Week 1, this has worked in their favor. It takes away a true road game against the Philadelphia Eagles and leaves the Packers with nine home games in their final 16.

The first things to look at are bye week, road stretches, and the December games.

Green Bay gets a Week 10 bye right in the middle of the season. They will have played nine games with eight more to come—perfection. Road stretches? The Packers never have more than two consecutive road games, and they only have back-to-back road games once all season. That's incredible.

Only two of the Packers' final five games are at home, but they get the Miami Dolphins in late November under the lights. That's advantage Green Bay. Also, two of the final three games are at Lambeau against New Orleans and Chicago.

NFL has helped the Packers in a big way with 2024 schedule

The further you dive into the schedule, the better it looks for Green Bay. ESPN Analytics has put together some fascinating data on net rest, back-to-back road trips, least net travel miles, and more. The Packers are big winners in many of these categories.

Green Bay has the fifth-best "net rest" in the NFL, which calculates how many days of rest the Packers get compared to their opponents. For example, in Week 15, the Packers will have had 11 days of rest between games compared to just eight for Seattle. That's a net gain of three days.

The Packers are tied for the league lead in fewest back-to-back road trips with one—the schedule doesn't get much kinder than that.

Despite flying to Brazil in Week 1, the Packers rank eighth for least net travel miles. The Packers also rank near the top in fewest short road weeks and fewest short weeks.

The Packers only play two games when their opponents will be more rested, and they play zero games against an opponent coming off their bye week.

These stats may not sound that important—individually, they may not be—but they all add up. Fewer short weeks, fewer back-to-back road games, and more rest than your opponents are all favorable factors for the Packers. Green Bay has a fair share of challenging games on the schedule, but the advanced stats are in its favor.

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