All 15 head coaches in Packers history ranked from worst to best

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10. Phil Bengtson (1968-70)

Phil Bengtson is not the most renowned head coach in Packers history, but with a record of 20-21-1 as the team's head coach over three seasons, he does boast one of the better winning percentages near the bottom of this list (.488).

Bengtson was Vince Lombardi's defensive coordinator from 1959-67 and immediately succeeded Lombardi as the team's head coach. That's a tough act to follow. The Packers had one winning season under Bengtson (1969) with a record of 8-6.

Although things didn't work out with the Packers and Bengtson as the team's head coach, he obviously was part of some of the greatest teams in franchise history as the only assistant to remain on staff for Vince Lombardi's entire tenure with the team.

9. Ray Rhodes (1999)

Ray Rhodes was only the head coach of the Green Bay Packers for one season, and while he's not one of the most decorated Packers coaches in franchise history, he's got plenty of hardware in his trophy case.

Rhodes is a five-time Super Bowl champion as part of the San Francisco 49ers dynasty and was also named the PFWA Assistant Coach of the Year in 1993 as the Packers' defensive coordinator. He was then named the NFL Coach of the Year in the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

After four years and two playoff appearances with the Eagles in the mid-90s, Rhodes returned to Green Bay for one season (1999) which ended up being the Packers' only non-winning season in more than a 12-year stretch.