All 15 head coaches in Packers history ranked from worst to best

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8. Dan Devine (1971-74)

Dan Devine never coached or played in the NFL until he became head coach and GM of the Packers in 1971. It was a major jump for Devine, but he had proven up to that point that he was qualified to take on a massive role like that given the fact that he had turned the Missouri football program into a contender and was not only the head coach of the team, but Athletic Director for the entire school.

Devine helped turn the Packers around within his first two seasons, going 4-8-2 in his first season with the team before bouncing back with a record of 10-4 the next year, first place in the NFC Central division.

Unfortunately, that success would be short-lived as the Packers would have losing seasons in 1973-74 before Devine was replaced by Bart Starr in 1975.

7. Bart Starr (1975-83)

Fittingly enough, Bart Starr is one of the only coaches on the list so far to actually lead the Packers to a postseason appearance. The unfortunate reality is, his time spent as the Packers' head coach was not even remotely close to the success he saw as the quarterback of the team.

As the Packers' quarterback, Starr etched his place in NFL history as the MVP of the first two Super Bowls in league history, a five-time NFL champion, former league MVP, All-Pro, Pro Bowler, and Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Bart Starr is a Green Bay Packers legend and always will be, but his record as the team's head coach was undoubtedly a disappointing 53-77-3. The Packers let Starr go after the 1983 season where he was replaced by Forrest Gregg, who used to block for him when they were teammates.