All 15 head coaches in Packers history ranked from worst to best

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2. Curly Lambeau (1921-1949)

Everybody knows the name of the stadium the Green Bay Packers play in -- Lambeau Field. Everybody knows about the Lambeau Leap. But does everyone know where the name Lambeau comes from?

Packers fans know that it comes from the name of one of the most legendary coaches in franchise history: Curly Lambeau. Lambeau was the coach of the team from 1921-1949, an unheard of stretch which included 339 games in total -- 212 wins, four division titles, six league championships, and a .656 winning percentage over 29 years of service.

Lambeau was a founder of the Green Bay Packers and was a player-coach starting in 1920. He's obviously in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as the Packers Hall of Fame, but how is he not the most legendary coach in franchise history?

1. Vince Lombardi (1959-67)

You can't have the Super Bowl trophy named after you and not be considered the best coach in your team's history.

Vince Lombardi is one of the most legendary sports figures across any professional league and the NFL obviously still celebrates his namesake on an annual basis by awarding the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl champion every single season.


Lombardi was the Packers' head coach for nearly a decade and he won 75.8 percent of the games he coached during that timeframe, a stretch which included five league championships and two Super Bowl wins -- the first two Super Bowl wins in the history of the event.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer ended his NFL coaching career with a near-perfect record of 9-1 in the playoffs. His only loss came against the Eagles in the first NFL Championship his team appeared in. When you think of Vince Lombardi, only one word comes to mind: Dominance.

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